Calne Men's Shed

Groundsman's Building

Calne Recreation Club

Anchor Rd


SN11 8DT

Current opening hours:

Monday - 17.30 - 19.30

Tuesday - 13.00 to 17.00

Thursday - 13.00 to 18.30

Saturday - 13.00 to 17.00

Other sessions are by arrangement

Why we need Men’s Sheds

As you may know the movement began in Australia with the first one opening in Tongala, Victoria, on July 26, 1998 by a group of men who realised the value of coming together around practical tasks on a regular basis, particularly if they had a designated place or workshop, where tools and work in progress, could be stored.

The concept soon spread to Ireland in the early 2000’s and then to the UK , where the first Shed was set up in Westhill, Scotland in 2005.

The appeal is to men of all ages, living both alone, or with partners, although the vast majority of ‘shedders’ are at, or beyond retirement date. This transitional period not only brings a loss of a work role, but also some or all of the following, identity, status, workmates, income and even a sense of purpose. Men can find themselves disengaged from their community, especially if the pub or sports are not their thing. The generality of community activities on offer do not always appeal to men, as they often fail to meet their needs and some level of social isolation can then occur.

Men who have their own shed have often developed their skills and interests there, but in a larger facility, with better or more equipment, those skills can be further developed with others, often enabling more complex jobs to be tackled for example, the community. Men’s Sheds can offer something new and challenging. Choosing what they want to do, whether that is working on their own project or drinking tea with others, but with minimal demands being put upon

them, can be exactly what many men need.

Hence the formation of the Calne Men’s Shed. I should also add at this point that, although our name says “Men’s Shed,” we are all inclusive and, I am pleased to say that we already have several female members.